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Saturday, May 8, 2010

In an exciting company!

This is my first post in the ICHEP 2010 blog, and sort of a dry run for the whole construct from my perspective. This post -as well as others with little physics content- will be published only here; posts with meaningful physics information will also be re-blogged on my personal web site, a quantum diaries survivor. However, here you will only find thoughts and comments relevant to the topics covered by ICHEP -and judging by the program, our hands are full already!

So here I first of all wish to thank Marco Cirelli and the other organizers for realizing the value that physics blogs offer to the community.

And while I am at this, let me say that I have recently advocated a more official support of institutional web sites for the job of scientific blogs, and for their positive role for physics outreach and popularization of science. I did this at a conference, Comunicare Fisica 2010, held in Frascati one month ago. There, my ideas did not receive a lot of positive feedback. Nonetheless, being invited to be part of a free blogging effort under the sponsorship of an institution such as ICHEP is, in my opinion, worth much more than a thousand empty words -and tens of thousands had been spent on this subject after my suggestion in Frascati!

If you are interested, you may find more discussions on the above topic in my blog, as well as in the blog of Marco Delmastro -who is also going to contribute here- and Peppe Liberti. The latter two, however, only in Italian.

So I am exciting to see how this new endeavour develops! Stay tuned!

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