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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Away from Palais des Congrès ?

As usual, when you attend a conference, you tend to forget that there are other things happening and other people living outside from the venue of the conference. This is particularly true when you are abroad, away from the daily routine, and the time and attention spent in the session rooms makes you forget where you are, and whether it is morning, afternoon or night...

However, even if you are not around Palais des Congrès now, you can follow all the talks on the webcast of the conference here. This is true for the plenary talks of next week, which will be broadcasted live, but you can also access all the parallel talks that took place in Salle Maillot last week.

In case you want to enjoy a bit your time in Paris (or skip a session, but shhh...), you may still bump into ICHEP 2010 during your walks. Indeed, if you stroll along the Seine and enjoy Paris-Plages, you will certainly notice a stand for kids around physics -- with a "trombinosquark" and other fun activities...

And on Tuesday evening, if you enjoy the atmosphere of the "Grands Boulevards", you will again see another ICHEP-related event. But this time, we have moved from Palais des Congrès to the Grand Rex theatre hall, with the "Night of the Particles" : a popular physics conference and a good movie ! Another way of enjoying ICHEP away from Porte Maillot...

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