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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Days to Go!

Two days before the ICHEP meeting, and I am now sitting at LAX waiting to board my flight for Frankfurt en route to Paris. Finally! It has been really hectic for the past few weeks as the pressures of getting ready for ICHEP were building up.

Like the experimentalists, theorists also have to make the last minute fine-tuning on slides, making the plots looking pretty, you name it, albeit being an operation at a much smaller scale when compared to the experimentalists. For these, my graduate student has been working extremely hard during the past month or so with some days apparently skipping lunch and sleep, for a project that we are collaborating... This is also what another collaborator of mine and I have been doing for another project that he will be presenting at ICHEP.

Unlike the experimentalists, though, theorists do not have the luxury of generating the excitements associated with the anticipation of new experimental results. Of course everyone is eagerly awaiting to hear the status updates on LHC and on Tevatron Higgs searches. On the flavor physics front, MEG will be presenting its first summer talk on its current status on mu to e + gamma searches at ICHEP. With the anomalies in MiniBoone and Minos that were presented at Neutrino 2010, there have been several theoretical speculations on the sources of these anomalies (assuming they are not due to low statistics or low energy backgrounds). I am sure we will hear about these speculations at ICHEP too.

Now it's time for boarding. Look forward to an exciting meeting in Paris!

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