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Monday, July 26, 2010

A fun way to browse ICHEP talks

One of my hobbies is better ways to visualize information with modern computers. Those of you that have followed me know about my efforts with DeepZoom. So, ICHEP is being rendered this way as we speak.

If you click on the link above your browser will load up a very large image using Sliverlight (which you’ll need to have installed: Windows and Mac computers only, I’m afraid). You’ll see about 400 talks all displayed at once. You can then use your mouse and mouse wheel to zoom in to see a particular talk. Your browser should load up the bits of the talk you are looking. You can click on a slide to bring it full screen and use the back and forward arrow keys to move around.

BUT: you need a decent computer, decent graphics card, and, above all, a decent internet connection. In short, no one at ICHEP can look at this display because the internet connection is not robust enough (I’d add a picture here but I’m at ICHEP and can’t load it up right now!).

The display is updated about once every 4 hours, so as the plenary talks continue they should slowly show up there in that display.


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