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the International Conference on High Energy Physics (Paris, July 2010)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Searching for Higgs; finding colleagues

The hot topic at ICHEP is definitely the Higgs search (even President Sarkozy has caught it!). I just posted a few more Higgs-y details to symmetry breaking. Here I'll discuss something (slightly) less massive--the interactions between physics bloggers.

While a few of the bloggers knew each other (or of each other) before we joined the ICHEP effort, most of us hadn't met in person. So we gathered yesterday for lunch, to discuss blogging, rumors, and bagels. (Our attempt to eat at a French brasserie was thwarted by dozens of other particle physicists, so we ended up enjoying a very American lunch at the Westside Cafe - something especially appreciated by this expat American, who can't find bagels anywhere near Geneva.)

See if you can spot your favorite ICHEP blogger... It's a lot easier than finding the Higgs!


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