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Friday, July 23, 2010

Day one -- afternoon

I haven't been able to live-blog yesterday's afternoon session, so here there are only the parts of the heavy quark sessions that stuck with me for some reason or another:

CDF has observed two new decays of the Bs meson that are both Cabbibo and colour suppressed, namely Bs --> J/ψ K* and Bs --> J/ψ KS, with a significance of over 7σ.

BELLE has observed charmless Bs decays Bs --> K+K-, but no Bs --> Kπ or Bs --> ππ decays. They have also observed Bs --> Ds*π, Bs --> Ds*ρ, and Bs --> Dsρ decays.

Nicolas Garron spoke about the determination of the bottom quark mass and the Bs decay constant in nonperturbative Heavy Quark Effective Theory (HQET) on the lattice. This approach is based on a fully nonperturbative lattice formulation of HQET, the effective theory obtained by expanding QCD in powers of the inverse heavy quark mass. Using this formulation, one can nonperturbatively match HQET to QCD on a very fine (and hence necessarily very small) lattice and thus determine the HQET couplings, which then can be extended to larger lattices and be used to make predictions. The results presented were still for quenched (i.e. Nf=0) QCD, but the calculation of Nf=2 results is far advanced.

The poster session took place in the evening. Since I had a poster to present myself, I didn't really get to discuss any posters with their presenters. At the reception afterwards, the food was very nice, but was hard to obtain because the density of physicists approached a singularity near the plates.

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