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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today's the day for future planners (as in: those who plan the future, not those who plan to plan in the future). I'll spend the best part of the day in Salle 251, in the session "Future Machines and Projects", and am currently writing from "Advances in Instrumentation", which also features future detectors. I just witnessed one of those moments that makes these conferences so special: the speaker was just explaining the concept of particle flow when a phone started ringing in the room. Embarrassed fumbling in various bags ensued, but the phone kept ringing. And ringing. Until the speaker said: "Never mind, it's mine..." and just continued showing his slides. (It has just rung again, he mustbe popular)
I am impressed with the discipline here. Only a few people have their laptops out on their laps, and I am the only one hacking away at it (sorry to my fellow session listeners!). The rest is listening, not just politely, but attentively. I think I can safely say 'no' to my initial question whether physicists are non-committal. After all some of the sessions are so packed that people have to stand!
Physicists also share a similar sense of humour. After the initial shock - Wha-? The President? - I overheard several people mumbling to each other "Do you think Carla will come as well?" To find out you'll have to be at the Monday morning session, properly badged and identified....

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